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Look who came to visit


We were very lucky to have had the Manchester City trophies (and their security team) come visit us at St James.

We all had a lovely day seeing them, and every class got a chance to have their picture taken with them.


It is finished!

We are so excited that our brand new playground in the EYFS area is finished. We would like to thank our whole school community for the patience shown during the works, given all the different access restrictions in place during the building works. 

The new playground is a wonderful place which invites our children to discover and play and learn in a safe, carefully thought out area.

And if that was not enough, we also spruced up the KS2 playground and gave it a facelift, adding some new game markings to challenge and engage our children during playtimes. You will notice that the trim trail, which was no longer safe and fit for purpose, has been removed and in its place we now have a new seating area for the children.


In the run up to SATS we will be hosting a preparation breakfast club for all interested Y6 children. This breakfast club starts at 8am, and if your child takes part they will get a free breakfast. This breakfast club will allow us the opportunity to revise and better prepare for the upcoming national tests. If your Y6 child would like to come to the preparation breakfast club, please see Ms. Norman. These are the subjects we will cover:

Monday Maths
Tuesday Reading
Wednesday Maths
Thursday Grammar
Friday Spelling




We had a very informative meeting with parents of our pupils in Y6, regarding the SATS exams which will take place in May. With about 6 weeks to go until the exams start, it is important that both school and families work together to enable our children to be as successful as they can be.

While our Year 6 class has been working hard in class to prepare for the exams there is also plenty that parents can do to ensure maximum success for their children. Here are some ideas:

Please ensure your child:

*attends school every day - this is important because we practice all the skills needed to succeed during SATS

*arrives for tests in good time

*has eaten a nourishing breakfast (breakfast club will run during SATS week)

*goes to bed at a reasonable time

After Easter, you will notice that the Year 6 class will see an increase in their homework, with nightly "bite-size" pieces, which are small, achievable chunks, allowing the children to consolidate their learning in school.

You can also help by encouraging the children to revise their times tables, and by sitting with your child to help them complete their weekly tasks. Listen to your child read, and ask open-ended questions about the stories, such as "Why do you think that character did this?" or "What do you think will happen next?". And remember, praise and encouragement will take your child a long way. The class has done some amazing work since the start of the year, and it is important to remind them of how far they have come already.

Here are also some websites which can help with revision:

If you have any questions regarding SATS, please feel free to chat with us at school.

World Book Day

As you are aware, our school took part in the celebrations for World Book Day, on the 2nd of March. We had a lovely day, surrounded by everyone´s literary heroes, from all genres of literature, from the Tiger Who Came to Tea, to Hermione Granger, from Gangsta Granny to Dennis the Menace and many others in between. It was, so far, this year´s most colourful assembly, as you can see from our picture. To carry on our celebration, all the children received a £1 Book Token, which can be used to buy special editions of books (including a David Walliams book written especially for this year´s celebrations), or towards the purchase of a favourite title. Please be aware that these tokens should be used by the 26th of March.

Hour of Code

Every year our Code Club participates in the Hour of Code, promoted by This initiative seeks to teach children the basics of coding, and computer science, in a fun way. We took part this term to join in with the Computer Science in Education Week, which took place last week throughout the UK. Our Tuesday Code Club joined in, using Scratch and Microbits. All the children who completed the two sessions of code will receive an official certificate attesting to their participation. If your child would like to participate, these are good websites to join in:

Scratch (

Lego (

Code (

Codecademy ( this site is a bit more advanced than the others above, but still quite accessible.

We expect that by the end of our school year, all children in KS2 will have had the chance to participate in both Code Club and the Hour of Code challenge.

Fun Afternoon Surprise

This afternoon, our whole school packed into the hall for a fun surprise. We were treated to a panto performance of "Puss in Boots" by the very funny and incredibly talented LADA. All our classes delighted in taking part in the performance, hissing and booing, shouting out warnings (there were even a few "Behind you, he's behind you!") and helping the heroes of the story come to their "happy ever after". After all, Christmas is just not the same without a panto performance, is it?

Puss in Boots, was "Colin's" best friend
"Did you say 'Let me have the pie?'"
Happy ending, the King giving his blessing to the Princess Isabella and Colin, the miller's son, who isn't so poor after all...

School is back in session.

We hope everyone has had a lovely half-term week, and is ready to come back to school on Tuesday, the 1st of November. Gates will open at the usual time, and the bell goes at 8:50am. Punctual attendance is important to make sure that children don't miss out on any learning time. We hope to see you at school.



We are so excited that our new homework books are here! Children from Year 1 to Year 6 have these, one for English, one for Maths. Homework is an essential tool in developing healthy and effective work and study habits, which will see the children at St James become successful students.

Your child will receive homework from each of these books every week, and we believe it is essential that we all work together for the success of each child. The homework will reflect what your child has been learning in class. Please can you take the time to look over your child´s work, and check it against the answers on the back of the book. 

We also have new learning journals, which will serve as the reading records for the children. Your child has this in their book bag, and we cannot stress enough how important it is that they read regularly with an adult. Please take the time to write comments about your child´s reading in their journal. Together we can help all our children achieve their full potential.

School Photographs

Our photographer was in school on Wednesday. Your child will have a proof of their picture and an order form. If you would like to order a photo, please fill out the form, and hand it in at the office, with correct payment, by the 26th of September. Please note that school cannot provide you with change in this instance.

After School Clubs

Our after school clubs are in full swing. We are currently running a football club, sports clubs, and Code Club (this one for KS2 pupils only). 

With all our after school clubs children who are not allowed to walk home by themselves should be picked up by 4:20pm. After School clubs finish at 4:10pm and children who are at school after 4:20 will be taken to our After School Care provision, at a cost of £7 per session. If your child isn´t picked up on time repeatedly, they will not be allowed to join in after school clubs.

I Sing Pop

On Wednesday 10th February pupils from St James visited Emmanuel Church in Gorton for an evening of Song. Pupil have been working in colaboration with the congergation of St James Church and the I Sing Pop Team to perform a pop concert of songs. I Sing POP is Innervation Trust's primary school singing and recording project, giving thousands of children the chance to learn an amazing set of specially written pop songs, record their very own album and perform a fantastic concert in the local church. All the pupils, staff and parents had an amazing night to celebrate all of the hard work of our pupils.  



Artist in School

On Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th February we have had an artisit in school working with our Year 3 pupils to design and make a banner for our Reception area. The pupils worked with Jo Foley to create our Bird of Peace Banner. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Robin Wood

KS2 residential trip to Robin Wood