School/Eco Council


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Our members are:                                                                           

Y2    -   Ugochi

Y3    -   Rose & Caleb

Y4    -    Brooke & Charles

Y5    -    Sophie

Y6    -    Ishara & Alex



Our school council represent the voice of all the children at St James. They will be involved in a number of projects & fundraising throughout the year. This term they are working towards achieving the Fair Trade award. Alongside this they will work on recycling issues to achieve the Green Flag award.


On Friday 14th October we started our Eco project. Mr Lee dug a big hole in the eco area. He told us it was a landfill and this is where our household rubbish goes. We had different materials that we put in the hole, plastic bag, tin, apple core, a jumper and some other things. We then took it in turns to cover them with the soil, Mr Lee finished it off. We are going to leave it until after Christmas then see what has happened to it all.   Sophie Y6

We put apple core and banana peel in a hole. I think they will rot but the juice cans won't they will just get dirty. We put mud to cover it up. Everyone got a turn.  Temi Y3

We put away rubbish, tin foil and cardboard and food then we said what will rot or not.  Charles Y4



We have now achieved our bronze & silver award.


Wednesday 23rd November 2016 - Tesco visit


Sarah is the Tesco Community Champion and she came around with us on our visit. She helps in the local community and organises things to help the homeless.  She told us fair trade helps the farmers get a fair wage for their products. We found lots of things that are fair trade : bananas, chocolate (not all),green tea, coffee and sugar. We are going to write a letter to Mr Cadbury to ask why some of their chocolate isn't fair trade.