Special Educational Needs (SEND)

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Welcome to the Blue Lagoon!

Here at St James, we have a dedicated SEND team who work hard to support our children who have special educational needs or disabilities. Within our school is a special educational needs resource provision (The Blue Lagoon) which supports children with autism and specific language impairments. The provision was set up in 2011 and has the capacity to support 7 children.

Resouce Provision Team

The SEND team consist of:

Miss Davies - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Miss Martin - Special Educational Needs Teacher


  Miss McCormick - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Naylor - Teaching Assistant





Miss Davies says:


I am an outstanding teacher and very experienced SENCo. I am currently supporting SEND across SS Simon and Jude Multi Academy Trust. For the last five years I have also worked as a Specialist Leader of Education where I supported a range of schools in improving their SEND Outcomes.

As a SENCO I am committed to ensuring that children with SEND have access to a differentiated curriculum, targeted support and resources to enable them to progress academically, socially and emotionally to achieve their full potential and to give them the best start in life.


Miss Martin says:

I joined the SEND team in February 2016 as an NQT and I am completing my NQT year as the SEND Teacher within the resource provision. I am passionate about working with SEND children and find my role very rewarding. Within the classroom, I encourage the children to become independent learners and overcome barriers and challenges to learning by having a belief in themselves. Throughout my time here so far, the children have made huge improvements along with a vast amount of progress. I find my role very rewarding and I am very much looking forward to the upcoming year.





Miss McCormick says:

I have recently started working in the resource Provision and I am enjoying working with children on an individual basis, to support their learning.

Mrs Naylor says:

I have just become a new member of the SEND team here at St James, I am really looking forward to working the children and staff this year.

The children of the Blue Lagoon

The children accessing the provision also access their mainstream classes when suitable. The time each child spends in their class doing the lessons they take their, depend entirely on the individual child. Most of our children stay in the provision to be taught differentiated maths and English lessons by our Specialist Teacher, although some have the ability to join their peers in the mainstream classes. Each child is different and has his or her own strengths. Below are some comments made by our children and a timetable which shows the amount of time spent in class to the time spent in the provision, doing structured interventions.

When asked "what do you like best about the Blue Lagoon" our children said:

Year 4 child: “The Blue Lagoon is awesome and has all the things we need to do our work. If you need help, you put your hand up and a teacher helps you. It’s good because I like doing maths here. If I get six ticks I can earn 5 minutes on the I-PAD and I feel proud.”


Year 4 child: “It’s Blue in colour. I work here. I like the Blue Lagoon because it’s my favourite colour. Teachers always help me.”


Year 5 child: “I come here for lunchtime club and it is very fun because I play with the cars and toys. My lessons are not too bad and not too good, they are perfect. The teachers are kind and helpful.”


Year 5 child: “I like the teachers because they help me in lessons”


Our learning environment

Our learning environment is set up to promote independence. We use visuals to allow children to access resources by themselves. For example, children can access maths resources such as: cubes, counters or number squares, to help them work out the answers to questions in maths or word mats to help improve their vocabulary during English lessons. Having the provision set up in this way allows the children to be as independent as they can be. By this, they are able to access their mainstream class without needing intensive support from staff.

The Blue Lagoon and the other classrooms at St James all have a visual timetable. This allows our children to see their day set out visually so they know what their current lesson is and what lessons are still to come.

This is the Main Classroom. This is where we do the majority of our learning. Everything is labelled to make is accessible for the children which in turn promotes their independence. This is the Speech and Language Room. This is where we work on our speech and language and do small group interventions. This is the creative room. In this room we do exciting creative activities like: cooking, craft, painting and many other fun filled activities.
This is the Sensory / Calm Room. This is where our children can come to to explore their senses. It is also used as a safe space for children when they need a brain break or some quiet time. This is our library area. Children come here to do group or individual reading. This is our outdoor area. We do our Gross motor skills activities out here. It's also used for our children who find the time we send in the main playground a bit challenging. They are given the opportunity to play in a more quiet area with less children, to help reduce their anxiety.

Resources and interventions

The Blue Lagoon is a fully equipped resource provision, that has a wide variety of SEN resources and interventions to help support our SEND pupils across the school. Here, is a list of the resource provision's interventions and resources which support our children:


The Local Offer

The SEND Local offer offers information to parents, in a single place, which helps them to understand what services they and their family can expect from a range of local agencies including the statutory entitlements. Please click on the link below and you will find information about national and local services and organisations which can offer support to Manchester families. There are also details of clubs, groups and activities, especially for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN). 

The Local Offer


SEND Code of Practice 

To see the SEND Code of Practice please download the document below.

SEND Code of Practice


To see our Special Educational Needs Information Report and Policy please see our Policies page.