Worship Group


Worship Group

The Worship Group is made up of representitives from each year group from Year 1 to Year 6. A boy and a girl from each Year group were nominated and an election was held. During regular meetings, the pupils develop St James as a church school, looking for opportunities for worship, leading on whole school projects, charitable work, links with other church schools, prayer readings, leading whole school worship and also encouraging the participation of others in response to our worship.

So far our Worship Group have:


Our Worship Group is working towards:


Meet The Worship Group Members

Worship Group 2016-2017

During the first week of the Autmn Term the pupils nominated themselves and voted to elect new memebers of Worship Group which change each year. We are pleased to welcome our new St James C.E Primary School Worship Group. They are: 

Anthony and Tiana

Argen and Mia

Jacob and Lacey-leigh 

Thoams and Rachel 

Scott and Abigail 

Michael and Grace-Mae 


Our visit to Wood Street Mission


taking the Easter eggs to the Mission Being shown the history of the Mission Looking at the work of the Mission  
watching more donations arrive looking at the donations being sorted Our eggs being sorted in the hall  


setting up our peace garden

We chose our site  and planted the seeds
Mr Lee built the flower beds and then the arch and the plants grew
We added our Christian values and have written some prayers It is a peaceful place to enjoy at break times

Our visit to St James

We went meet Rev Smith at St James Church He showed us the symbols of the church and the liturigcal colours
We looked at the font  and saw where it was in the church We looked at where he reads the service
and where people read the Bible We looked at the church from the altar and where people took communion

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