The School Day

Pre-school: Breakfast Club

Our school breakfast club runs from 8.15-8.50am daily. We offer a range of hot and cold meal items during breakfast club including a range of activities for pupils to participate in. Breakfast club is run by Mr Smith and Mrs Livsey and costs just 70p per day. If you would like more information on breakfast club then please contact the school office.


Nursery Timetable

Morning Nursery
Time Lesson
8.45am Start of the School Day
11.45am End of the chool Day
Afternoon Nursery
Time Lesson
12.30pm Start of the School Day
3.30pm End of the School Day


Reception Timetable

Time Lesson
8.50am School Starts
8.50-12.00pm Early Years Lessons
12.00-1.00pm Lunch
1.00-3.15pm Early Years Lessons
3.15pm End of the School day


KS1 and KS2 Timetable

Time Lesson
8.50am Start of the School Day
9.00am Lesson 1
9.30am Lesson 2
10.30am Snack Break
10.40am Lesson 3
11.40am Break
12.00pm Lesson 4
12.50pm Lunch
1.45pm Worship
2.00pm Lesson 5
3.15pm End of the School Day



At St James we hold daily whole school worship.

Day Time Worship Type
Monday 1.45pm Whole School Worship: Christian Values
Tuesday 1.45pm In Class Worship
Wednesday 1.45pm In Class Worship
Thursday 1.45pm Whole School Worship: Singing
Friday 2.50pm Whole School Worship: Celebration