Teacher: Miss S. Cullen

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L. Riley


Guided    Reading



All children have a 30 minute daily  Guided Reading session where they read a range of books, both fiction and non-fiction to

their Class Teachers and  complete reading related activities.


 We follow the Literacy and Language scheme of work in English. This has an emphasis on children accessing a range of texts to read and understand whilst providing many opportunities to write for all purposes. Please refer to the Year 3 English yearly overview , in the curriculum area of our website, for a list of the grammar studied within our lessons.



 Mathematics is an integral part of the curriculum. There is a focus on mastery in maths ensuring children become secure in the key skills of arithmetic and reasoning. We have been working on place value and written calculations during our Maths lessons. Please refer to the Year 3 Mathematics yearly overview, in the curriculum area of our website, for more information on future maths topics we will be studying.


 The International Primary Curriculum encompasses all of the National Curriculum. Through this curriculum, 

children make connections with their learning. The more connections children make, the better they learn.

 In IPC this term we will be working on the unit, "Rainforests". We will be studying the Science,Technology,

 Geography, International, Art, Music, ICT and Physical Education topic areas.

  In Science, we will be finding out about...

    - Different rainforest animals and plants and where they live.

    - Rocks and soils found on the forest floor.

    - How colour in the rainforest is used by animals and plants.

    - The best conditions to grow plants, why they have leaves and why they can be different.

    - Rainforest fruits and seeds.

  In Geography, we will be finding out about...

    - Where rainforests are in the world.

    - Which rainforest products we use in our everyday lives.

    - The lives of the rainforest people and how they compare to our own.

    - How and why the rainforest is being destroyed.

    - We will discover the ways that people are trying to save the rainforest.

    In Technology, we will be finding out...

    - How to plan and make our own tropical fruit drink.

  In International, we will be finding out about...

    - How different countries and organisations are helping to save our rainforests.

  In Art, we will be finding out about...

    - Rainforest body art and painting our faces in a similar style.

    - How we can use art to create a rainforest scene.

 In Music,we will be finding out...

    - How to represent a rainforest scene using music.

 In Physical Education, we will be finding out about...

    - How to represent a rainforest scene using dance and mime.

 In ICT and Computing, we will be finding out...

    - How to program and share our own rainforest themed computer game.


 Religious   Education

 As we are a  Christian school, Christianity is taught as part of the curriculum. As a school, we also celebrate and learn  

about dfferent faiths. Our Christian values form a key part of who we are as a school and sit alongside the IPC Personal

Learning Goals.

 The 12 Christian values we focus on are: Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship, Respect, 

Trust, Perseverance, Justice, Service, Truthfulness and Thankfulness.

 This half term our Christian value focus is "Truthfulness".

 Physical Education

Our specialist Physical Education coach Mr. Smith will deliver all aspects of the P.E. curriculum. The children will need their 

P.E. kits on Wednesdays for our lesson. All children will have the opportunity to take part in the after school sports club with 

Mr. Smith during their time in Year 3 which also takes place on Wednesdays.


Mrs Osborne teaches our music lessons on Friday afternoons.We will be learning to control and explore our voices by singing

songs, chants and clapping games. We will focus on the skills of copying and creating rhythms, controlling a range of 

percussion instruments and varying dynamics(loud/quiet) and tempo(speed).


Modern       Foreign Language


Miss Zhang will be teaching us to read, write and speak Mandarin during our lessons on Friday afternoons. She is a teacher

from Liaoning near Beijing in China.