Teacher: Miss L. Dowd

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs D. Smith.

Mrs. C. Livesey.

Mrs P. Jackson.

Mrs M. Petticrew.



In our English  lesson the focus is on stories , narrative verse and explanation text.


We are looking at Roman numbers, fractions, decimals and area.


International Primary Curriculum. The topic is living together and we will be looking at different groups and home countries. Foccussing on rights and responsibilities and researching different traditions, celebrations and ways of living. We will be covering health and ssafety also healthy lifestyles and factors affecting health.

In ICT and computing we will be serching and evaluating information selecting programs and apps to support subjects.

The unit will include problem solving and looking at safety, reponsibility, respect and creativity using technology.

The topic includes looking at events, dates and characteristics of past societies. We will be gathering knowledge to answer questions about the past looking at different time periods also.

Art will be covered by expressing meaning using a variety of resources.

From a Geography viewpoint  we will be looking at features of our local area using maps and plans and locating positions of features in the surrounding areas. This unit includes expressing views of an environment and the way it is harmed and improved.



Religious Education

We are learning all about Jesus and how he changed the world.

Physical Education


Our specialist  Physical Education Coach Mr. Smith will deleiver all aspects of the

PE curriculum on Fridays.



A teacher from the music service will be delivering music on a Friday afternoon.

Modern Foreign Language

A specialist teaching assistant will be learning the children Manderin on a Friday afternoon.

Homework is will be given out on Friday to be returned the following Wednesday.