Welcome to Year 6! We are very excited to be in our new class and also our last class of Primary School. We are hardworking and dedicated to our learning. Year 6 is such an important year for us and we will be working towards our SATS plus our achievements and goals.


In Year 6 we have the opportunity to wear a school tie, this will get us prepared for when we have to wear them all the time in High School, we were all very excited when we all received them at the end of the first week, this made us feel so grown-up!!!







In Year 6 we have lovely members of staff who are there to teach us lots of new and interesting things and helping us towards our SATS which take place in May 2018.  We have Miss Norman who is our class teacher and our teaching assistant is Miss Ditchfield.


This is our teacher Miss Norman.

This is our teaching assistant

Miss Ditchfield.




This year some things have changed a little, we have P.E on a Thursday and on a Friday we take part in  African Drumming which we thoroughly enjoy. We still have a morning snack at comfort break and this needs to be paid for on a Monday morning or it needs to be paid half termly, this will then make it easier for the kitchen staff as they have lots of children to prepare for.

In our class we learn lots of different subjects like English, Maths, IPC, R.E,  P.E, Handwriting, Spelling,Punctuation and Grammar, Music, Spanish Times Tables, Guided Reading, Arithmetic and Creative Writing.  Below is our weekly timetable.






This half term in English we will be looking at the books from the author Micheal Morpurgo, Micheal has wrote lots and lots of children's books and we are looking forward to investigating the type of writing he likes to do. We will be starting with the book called Kensuke's Kingdom.



We have read the book Kensuke's Kingdom where a boy by the name of Michael goes travelling around the world on a yacht but disaster strikes and he ends up overboard. He loses sight of his mum and dad also his beloved dog Stella Artois. Michael becomes washed up on the island, learning new things from a perfect stranger, the story does have a happy ending. We were all so engrossed in the story and was excited when we were asked to design a game to play if we were ever stranded on a desert island!!!!


  During the last half term of primary school we will be working hard on our end of term play which will be the Wizard of Oz. We had to audition for our parts which was thoroughly enjoyable.  Each of us now have our specific parts and are practicing at school, also learning our lines at home. This will be a wonderful performance and something we will remember forever.                                     





In IPC are topic is called What a Wonderful World. For the entry point we designed a calender and chose picures which related to the month of the year and wrote captions. We designed these on the computer which was alot of fun. 

In I.C.T we will be finding out how to program an online quiz to test our knowledge of biomes.

In International we will be finding out about local and global environmental issues, how different aid groups and charities are helping those affected by environmental issues.

In Geography we will be learning about different regions and environments around the world, how to use different types of maps to find out information, about forces and processes that shape our planet, extreme weather events and how they affect people and localities, the possible causes of climate change and its effects on our planet also man-made changes can alter/change our local environment.

In Science we will be learning how to classify different types of rock and soil, the effects of weathering on different types of rock, the movements of the Earth, Sun and Moon and how they affect us, different types of cloud and how they are formed, finally how we can set up a weather station and record data.





On the 27th of June the whole school had a science day. We had the chance to rotate around the classes to learn about different science experiments, even the staff joined in and dressed up as professors!!! We started off in our own class and had to work out how to make a paperclip float in water, secondly we went to Year 3 where we had to make a paper ghost dance with the friction of a balloon. Next we went to Year 4 where we made Lava Lamps. This was made with a plastic bottle, water, vegetable oil and food colouring. At the end we added a fizzing tablet. The result was fascinating!!! Then we turned off the lights and held a torch under the bottle to watch it glow. Last but not least we went to Year 5 to make a bridge out of card, straws, selotape and glue.  We had to build the strongest bridge, to test this we put weights on the bridges to see if they collasped.  It was a very fun morning.



On Wednesday 5th of July we had an Art Day. The theme of our art day was Manchester Buildings. Our class decided to try pop art where we had to draw the same picture 4 times and colour it with the same 4 coloured pencil crayons. This was very tricky to do but we sat and completed the task. We also has the chance to make a Manchester Bee Mosaic which we were strictly supervised!!!! The day was alot of fun, we enjoyed it very much.




"I recommend that you read 'Cosmo. B. Henderson. What are you doing?' It is an amazing book, funny and entertaining (and relatable). It will definitely be worth your while and feed your imagination!"


"My favourite book is Doctor Who: the eleventh hour because many troubles occur there which make it really humourous."



"My favourite book to read is The worst witch. I recommend this to any 9 - 12 year olds as it is hilarious, educational and is fun to read."





At St James' we use a reading program called Bug Club which we are able to access from home. Our teaching assistant checks to see what books we have read at home, then adds more books on at our level. We can earn points to be able to play different games when we have read so many books..

Our Christian Value this half term is:





Below are a list of words we are currently trying to learn before we leave Year 6 or turn 11.