School Council

Meet The Team

The School Council is made up of representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. During regular meetings, the pupils develop St James to make it into a better school and bring pupil’s wishes and ideas to the teacher representative Miss O’Neill.  For 2021-2022 the school council are:

So far our the School Council have:

  • Raised money for Children in Need and Comic Relief through non-uniform days.
  • Organised movie nights for each phase across the school
  • They have interviewed Rev. Craig to find out how the school can play a bigger role in the community and help the church to fundraise.
  • Led a whole school ‘Walk to School Week’ initiative and ran a poster competition
  • Completed a learning walk around the school with Mr. Connolly focusing on teaching and learning and safety.

Pictures taken during the learning walk with Mr. Connolly.

We started with Q&A session about the school and then went on a tour of the school. We visited each class and looked at what was going on. We also thought about safety around the school.