Agents of Change

What are Agents of Change?

At St James Primary School, we recognise that children and Young People are integral to building a fairer and more sustainable world for everyone. We wanted to help our children view themselves as ‘Agents of Change’ by providing them with the confidence to make our world a better place through their small, but sincere actions.  Becoming ‘Agents of Change’ enables them to speak up about issues they care about. It allows them to recognise their own impact in the world around them, and use their own autonomy to make a difference.

All participating pupils receive a poster with 40 ideas, and a passport with a little more information on each idea. Children are able to work independently, or with their friends and family.  They can start simple – sharing resources or space on the playground, holding doors for pupils and staff around school, or a simple ‘Good morning’ on the school gate.

We want our children to work within our school community to develop a greater awareness of the challenges others face in life and how they, as individuals, can support causes and make a difference in our school, their local community and further afield.  This is where their actions become much grander.

Each child will receive a poster with 40 project ideas and a passport giving more information on the projects.  The projects vary widely and can range from connecting with other people, writing to a politician, volunteering your time to help a charity or organisation or learning to cook your favourite food.  As the children complete each project, they will receive a stamp in their passports.  Once they have completed seven projects they will receive a badge (you can see the logo of the badge on the header above).

We hope that the children will be able to receive support on some of the projects from their family and friends, but we will offer as much support and encouragement as is needed, ensuring it is always led by the children to showcase their talents, interests and passions.

We will be launching this initiative in Spring term!

What actions have we taken previously that have shown us to be ‘Agents of Change’?

Last year, 2 members of our staff – Miss Sampson and Miss Drake took part in an completed the London Marathon and as part of this they decided to take part in the ‘London Mini-Marathon’ event organised by TCS London Marathon.

The event was launched by the school council at a whole school assembly and the decision was made that it would be a sponsored event. The school council wanted to raise money to support children and families overseas who were suffering and in poverty. It was decided that any money raised would go to Christian Aid.

The children had to run 2.6miles, which we worked out was 26 laps of our school field. Parents were invited into school over the course of the week to support their children as they took part in the event.



As a school we managed to raise £1201.90 for Christian Aid and the vital work they do.

The children also received pin-badges for completing their individual mini-marathons.