Religious Education

As a church school R.E has as much importance in the school curriculum as English and Maths. R.E is taught as a discreet subject and is taught once a week for 45 minutes in every class from Reception to Year 6. Our R.E curriculum covers a range of topics with a mostly Christian theme, and planning and resources for the topics are saved on to the school server. In Nursery and Reception pupils learn about stories from the bible.

Marking and feedback

Marking and feedback given to pupils must be to the same quality as we would see in English or Maths books. Work should be marked to the learning intention and opportunities should be given to pupils to reflect on their learning with key questions. Pupils should respond to this in purple pen.

R.E Displays

Every class in school must have an R.E display either inside or outside of the classroom. R.E displays in school should be topic based. These displays should be used as a working wall, where work gets added to the display regularly. The display should be interactive with key questions for pupils to think about. Pupils should add work to the display as and when is necessary.

Floor books

As part of the R.E curriculum floor books are used in every class. Floor books are scrap books made up of photographs and work that wouldn’t go into an R.E books. Levelled key questions should be included in the floor books and Pupils are encouraged to add their work and answer these questions

Our Curriculum

At St James, we follow the Manchester agreed syllabus, based on the work of the Blackburn Diocese. The overview can be viewed in our RE Policy.