What is a Resourced Provision (RP?)

Most children in Manchester with special educational needs and/ or disabilities (SEND), including those with an Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP), will be supported in a mainstream school. A small number of mainstream schools provide additional specialist facilities on their site called a Resourced Provision.

Our RP, The Beehive, caters for pupils who have difficulties accessing mainstream lessons for reasons relating to their Autism/DLD. They require a specialist environment within a mainstream school to support their access to the curriculum and activities.  The RP is for pupils whose primary need is Autism/ DLD – developmental language disorder (previously named Specific Language Impairment).

Pupils are on roll at the mainstream school, with the expectation that once settled, they will be able to access mainstream classes and activities for some of the time, based on their level of need.

Pupils access specialist support and intervention. These may include: groups focussing on social skills, social communication, sensory circuits, therapeutic interventions such as Lego therapy. They may also need additional support at breaktimes and lunchtime.

Our aim is to provide pupils with high quality teaching and learning based on careful assessment of every pupil’s needs. We provide an environment where they can thrive and succeed; transferring skills taught in the RP to their time in the mainstream class and increasing their level of independence. Pupils do not generally receive full time or one to one support.

We are supported by Speechwise and Manchester Occupational Therapy Service. The therapists work in the RP every week, providing assessments and intervention as well as training for staff.

Here at St James, we have 12 places in the RP.

How do pupils get a place in the Resourced Provision?

As part of the assessment process for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), discussions will take place between parents, school, educational psychologists and the statutory assessment team regarding provision.

For pupils with an EHCP, this provision is discussed as part of the annual review process. A review can be held at any time where there is a significant change in circumstances.

Places at the Resource Provision are allocated by the Local Authority.