Whole School Worship

At St James we follow the “Roots and Fruits” scheme of work for whole school worship. This scheme splits our 6 Christian values into 6 half termly themes to base our worship around. Each half term we will have a different theme that will be displayed around the school and in each classroom.  All worship will follow order of service and will include hymns and prayer. All of whole school worship will focus on teachings of the Bible. Prayers and worship should be led by a mixture of SLT, the local Reverend and our worship group members. The school will follow the liturgical calendar for key Christian celebrations. We have whole school worship at the following times:

Monday:  2.45pm Whole School Worship

Wednesday: 2.45pm Singing Celebration

Friday: 2.45pm Celebration Worship

Our local Reverend is: Rev Carol Masters

Whole School Worship Yearly Planner

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
2023-2024Respect (Harvest)Compassion (Christmas)Courage (Candlemas)Service (Lent and Easter)Justice (Pentecost)Truthfulness (Trinity)

Worship Information

 In Class Worship

As well as whole school worship we also have in class worship. In class worship takes place twice a week and follows the same order as the whole school worship. In class worship will revolve around a single theme per half term and matches the whole school worship. In class worship must follow the in class worship order of service.

For in class worship we follow the Imaginor scheme of work:

EY: Jack in the box

KS1 & KS2: Out of the box

In class worship is at the following times in all classes from Reception to Year 6.

Tuesday: 1.45pm

Thursday: 1.45pm

Daily Prayer

As well as in class worship we also have daily prayers that are said in class. These prayers are led by the class teacher and the members of the worship group. The following prayers are said at these times of the day:

Morning Prayer: School Prayer said after registration

Home Time Prayer: Lord’s Prayer said just before the end of the school day

In Class Worship Areas

Every classroom has a worship area. Each worship area looks exactly the same with the same items on it.

The worship area has the following items on it:

  • Bible
  • Cross
  • The theme displayed
  • Christian Values displayed
  • Floor books
  • Prayer box
  • Key questions
  • Activities
  • Prayer leaves
  • candle
  • Minutes of worship group

Pupils are encouraged to use the worship areas in class to reflect on the themes and stories from worship, to answer key questions on display, to participate in activities provided or to write prayers for the prayer tree. Pupils are encouraged to use this space as often as they like during the school day.


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