Worship Group

The Worship Group is made up of representatives from each year group from Year 1 to Year 6. A child from each Year group was nominated and an election was held. During regular meetings, the pupils develop St James as a church school, looking for opportunities for worship, leading on whole school projects, charitable work, links with other church schools, prayer readings, leading whole school worship and also encouraging the participation of others in response to our worship.

So far our Worship Group have:

  • Taken part in whole school worship, reading their own prayers and Bible readings
  • Led their own collective worship, based on our school values
  • Consulted pupils on worship space within the classrooms
  • Encourage their peers and teachers to consider our school values
  • Participated in the ISing Pop Christian pop concert
  • Introduced a Prayer box which can be used by pupils to request or suggest whole school worship themes, prayers or hymns
  • Led the Wood Street Mission Easter Egg charity appeal
  • Supported Christian Aid through a London mini-marathon

Our Worship Group is working towards:

  • Setting up regular charitable projects both locally, nationally and internationally
  • To further develop links with other local schools by meeting with other Worship Groups at regular termly Worship forums

Meet The Group

During the first week of the Autumn Term the pupils nominated themselves and voted to elect new members of Worship Group which change each year. We are pleased to welcome our new St James C.E Primary School Worship Group.


For the school year 2023 – 2024 Worship group have decided to focus on 3 main activities- one each term.

Autumn Term: Christmas Appeal for Wood Street Mission

Spring Term: Easter Egg Appeal for Wood Street Mission

Summer Term: Sponsor a child through Christian Aid



Peace Garden

One of the first activities we did as a group was to sort out our Peace garden. over the summer all of the plants have died off and they need to be weeded and new plants and bulbs put into our planters. During our meeting we decided how we wanted our peace garden to look and Miss Williams bought us some things to help improve the garden. Here we are doing all the hard work!!