Year 2P

Welcome to Year 2P

Your teacher is Miss S.Patel

Your teaching assistant is Mrs L Riley


The Big Idea

Toys come in many shapes and sizes. They are made of different materials but all are designed for us to have fun with, to help us learn new skills and to exercise our bodies and imaginations.

Entry Point

During our entry point Year 2 looked at and played with different types of toys. We worked in our kagan teams to play with one another and took turns sharing. We discussed our favourite toys and why we thought they were the best. We generated questions that we want to ask about the toys during our topic to help compare them by their age and popularity.


Star Writer

Each week amazing writing is displayed on our Star Writer wall to celebrate the children’s hard work.





2P’s IPC topic this term is ‘The Circus is Coming to Town’. We have done lots of learning which involves different subjects such as Art, Science, History and DT. We have also done a ‘Big Question’ as shown on the display board. The children have answered this twice to show how their view has changed after gaining more information from lessons. The children have really enjoyed this topic and have learnt lots of new information.