Year 3O

Welcome to Year 3O


Your teacher is Miss O’Niell

Your teaching assistants are Miss Hitchen and Mrs Livesey

This half term year3 have been working really hard in our IPC topics.

In our science topic we have been looking at how the human body works.


We made a prediction to investigate the effects of excercise on our heart rate when we walk, jump and run.  Sam a paramedic came into school to work with the children.

In science, we will be finding out:

  • that we need light to see
  • how human teeth compare to animal teeth
  • how our body uses food and water
  • how our heart works to keep us alive
  • all about skeletons and muscles
  • about the human life cycle
  • why excercise is good for us
  • how tobacco and alcohol harm the body
  • which foods keep us healthy and why

In technology, we will be finding out:

  • how to plan and prepare a healthy meal

In International, we will be finding out:

  • about people’s health problems
  • if we can improve the health of the worlds children


Our other IPC topic  is about Scavengers and Settlers.

The Big Question in year 3 is: What are the similarities and differences between early settlements and how we live today?

In History, we will be finding out:

  • how fossils are made and what we can learn from them
  • what our earliest ancestors might have looked like
  • how our ancestors were able to survive
  • how we use archaeological evidence to find out about a prehistoric hunter
  • where our ancestors settled and how they lived
  • how we can learn about the past by investigating a stone age village
  • what life was like during the bronze age

In International, we will be finding out:

  • how we can work together to learn new skills and achieve our goals

In art, we will be finding out:

  • how to create our own prehistoric cave paintings
  • how to make and decorate pottery, based on one of the periods we have explored

In technology, we will be finding out:

  • about the types of food that the first farmers would have grown
  • how we can update the dishes that the early settlers may have eaten