Year 4N

Welcome to 4 N.

Your teacher is Miss Nolan.

Your teaching assistant is Mrs Greenwood.

Scavengers and Settlers


Year 4 used different natural resources to create houses for their IPC topic Scavengers and Settlers.

They had muddy fun collecting tree bark,twigs,stones and grass to try and recreate a settler village.

In History, we will be finding out:

  • how fossils are made and what we can learn from them
  • what our earliest ancestors might have looked like
  • how our ancestors were able to survive
  • how we use archaeological evidence to find out about a prehistoric hunter
  • where our ancestors settled and how they lived
  • how we can learn about the past by investigating a stone age village
  • what life was like during the bronze age

In International, we will be finding out:

  • how we can work together to learn new skills and achieve our goals

In art, we will be finding out:

  • how to create our own prehistoric cave paintings
  • how to make and decorate pottery, based on one of the periods we have explored

In technology, we will be finding out:

  • about the types of food that the first farmers would have grown
  • how we can update the dishes that the early settlers may have eaten